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Three Top Tips I would tell my younger sales self: Insights from a KPMG Sales Director

Having spoken to a senior partner of KPMG recently who has carved a hugely successful career in B2B Sales, I gained an insight into the advice he would give his younger self if he had the chance. Here are his insights.

  1. Build your network. Never undervalue the power of having a great network. All the people I know who have done well in their career in sales have excellent relationships in their industry and beyond. Build relationships, but do not take take take. ‘Give to give’ is a great motto to remind you to give first.
  2. You don’t sell, you allow people to buy. Rather than looking at your job as “sales”, consider how people buy, rather than how can I sell to them. Think of why they buy, when they buy, where they buy, and dig deep to truly understand your buyer’s behaviour so that you can help them to make the best decision that is right for them.
  3. Understand the product or solution that is being offered. This final point is almost a given, but is often overlooked by overly keen young sales people who try to run before they can walk. Enthusiasm is great, and is essential for this kind of job, but so is knowing your product inside and out so that you can be sure that it is right for your client. Secondly to this, also ensure that you fully understand the market that you are selling in, and into – where does your product or service lie against your competitors? What challenges is your client currently facing? Having a wide knowledge of market conditions is essential for success in B2B sales.
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