• Hire Exceptional Sales Talent for your business

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    Springboard was launched with Virgin Trains. Having struggled to find sales talent through recruiters, they felt Springboard was a 'no brainer' and were astounded by the quality of the graduates we screened and presented to them - so much so they employed all three in their B2B sales teams! All three are considered to be high performers in Virgin within 9 months.


    We are screening graduates for their sales DNA right now to start improving the sales capabilities of your business.

    Much more than just Recruitment...

    Not only will we find you the best sales talent, we will also pre-train your new sales person prior to them starting (The Springboard Bootcamp) AND continue their training using the much respected and tested Objective Assessment Sales Development program.


    This minimises ramp up time and ensures a fast return on your investment.

    How does it work for my business?

    We will find and screen a graduate that we can guarantee will be a successful salesperson in your organisation. We also evaluate the sales management capabilities in your company and advise how your sales manager can get the best from their sales people.


    Once screened we interview and shortlist so that you only spend time selecting from one or two of the very best candidates suited to your business. No ploughing through CVs, no falling in love with friendly candidates at interview - you only see candidates who we can predict will succeed in sales and who will match your business needs.


    Our sales-specific screening tool has a proven 96% validity, meaning we can remove the risk of you wasting time, energy and money on a poor sales hire.

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