• Objective Assessment: Achieve more from your Sales Team

    Springboard is an Objective Assessment initiative

    Objective Assessment

    Objective Assessment (OA), founded in Australia and now in the UK, is the world's leading Salesforce Evaluation and Training company. Established in 2002, OA has trained over 20,000 sales people and advises over 700 global organisations.


    Gary Delbridge, founder and CEO of Objective Assessment is a global leader in the field of sales development.


    To find out more about Objective Assessment or to discover how they can help to improve your existing sales team, visit www.objectiveassessment.com.au

    Sales Specific Evaluation

    Gary has been evaluating sales people for the past 15 years and delivering sales development and sales consultancy programs to large corporates and SMEs. Gary is a global leader in Objective Management Groups' (OMG) Sales Evaluations developed and verified by over 20 years of research on sales people.


    Working with CEOs, Gary will objectively assess the suitability of a person for a career in sales before a company falls 'in love' with them at an interview. The evaluation is so powerful, it has a 96% predictive validity in determining a persons suitability to sales. Don't fall into the trap of hiring a sales ghost!

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