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    Peter Fuller

    Business Development Executive, Virgin Trains

    The Springboard training scheme provided me with opportunities and shortcuts to learn vital skills around business and sales, really diving into psychological teachings in simplified formats. The scheme focused on a variety of different aspects of sales roles, including psychology of sales, telephones skills training and prospecting opportunities.


    The support supplied once I had started my role with Virgin Trains was impeccable, with frequent coaching calls and mentoring sessions to aid with any issues and ensure that I was meeting my potential both at the time and in my self-development.


    After the two week intensive training course supplied by Springboard, I felt ready to begin implementing my knowledge into my new role with Virgin. The continued support throughout my time in my new role has helped me to explore new and unknown avenues in this role.

    Alex Monro-Jones

    Virgin Trains

    Springboard has given me a huge ‘springboard’ for entering the working world with a huge brand in an area that I am passionate about.


    I have been given plenty of help from the managers at Virgin Trains and from the guys at Springboard. I have regular catch-ups with Cath and coaching calls with Bob Fuller to consolidate and expand my knowledge of sales techniques which have been very useful. I definitely haven’t been left to fend for myself which is one thing that I was slightly worried about following the intensive two week training course with Springboard.


    Therefore, my tip would be to just give it your all if your chosen for the program and take everything that Gary and Cath say on board. Don’t be over-awed by the fact that it’s a lot of information, it will all make sense when you apply it in the top company they will place you in.

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