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    The Springboard Story

    Springboard is the brainchild of Gary Delbridge and Cath Walsh.


    Gary CEO is passionate that sales is an aspirational graduate profession and not a fallback option.


    All too often junior sales are trained to use 'pressure / boiler-room' selling techniques. Gary feels this is neither ethical or appropriate in today's business world. His Values Based Selling (VBS) approach trains sales people to remain professional and never compromise their own values.


    Cath Walsh, a leadership and performance management specialist working with high growth businesses watched her clients struggle to recruit and develop great sales people. Cath also provides graduates with career development support and felt there was a potential to match bright graduates with high growth companies (using the OA screening tool and training platform) A real win-win!


    Springboard was developed and launched successfully with Virgin Trains - who were astounded by the quality of the graduates we selected. After just 6 months those graduates were performing in the top percentile and two were promoted based upon their achievements.


    Springboard selects and trains only those graduates, predicted to succeed in sales and places them into B2B sales roles at high growth companies. Once in role, the graduate receives initial 'bootcamp' training and then follows an OA-structured training programme applied to their specific role for up to 6 months.


    This we know gives businesses a fast RoI a huge springboard to a graduate’s career in sales.


    Our aim is to support graduates through training and coaching, as well as a dedicated peer to peer support network, to ensure they thrive in their first role in sales.

    Why Sales?

    Sales executives are the backbone of UK commerce, they are the drivers of growth and prosperity. As Britain navigates unchartered waters in the wake of BREXIT, our businesses will need exceptional sales talent.


    Objective Assessment, a global leader in Salesforce Evaluation have evaluated over 1.7 million sales people worldwide. Therefore, Objective Assessment knows what makes a great sales person…


    Businesses often struggle to remain objective in when recruiting sales people because they are often very personable - this does not necessarily mean they will be good at selling!


    Our highly specialised Sales Evaluation forms a vital component to the Springboard programme. The predictive validity of this tool is 96% meaning Springboard is able to truly minimise the risk in hiring sales people for fast growing businesses who don’t have time or money to waste on hiring mistakes.

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